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I tried this out before I got bandicam, and this program was terrible. It slowed my computer to a crawl and also recorded terrible quality video. Uninstalled immediately. Review by MindController on Oct 27, Version: Windows 7 bit Ease of use:

Dxtory lag while recording

Found a bad link? Help us by reporting it The Fastest Movie Capture Since data is directly acquired from a surface memory buffer, it is very high-speed and works with small load.

Lossless Capture The codec of Dxtory can record original pixel data as it is. You can obtain the highest quality by lossless video source. Distribution Writing The first bottleneck of the high-bitrates capture is a writing speed to storage. If it is environment with two or more storage, writing-speed can be improved using this function. There is no necessity of using a special file system. Make multiple selection of the folder which saves data, and preparation will be completed if speed setting is done.

Multiple Audio Sources Recording Like game sound and a mike input, two or more audio sources can be recorded simultaneously. It is saved in an independent stream each to AVI file, it can edit individually later. In WindowsXP, two or more audio devices are required.

The user can choose a favorite video codec. It can be specified as the video source of broadcasting. Screenshot Screenshots can be saved in various formats. What’s New: The acquisition method of a mouse cursor image.

The bug which cannot be recorded in the Vista environment. The problem of specific language environment. Trial Mode Restrictions: The logo goes into the file generated by capture. The logo is displayed in the DirectShow output. A license purchase site is displayed, when a program is terminated. Capture format:

Dxtory is a movie capture tool for DirectX and OpenGL Applications.

Price. JPY. About License. 1 license is required per user. It. FIX: Problems Dxtory Video to crash. FIX: Problems DirectX Dxtory is a movie capture tool that has been specifically designed for DirextX/ OpenGL applications. It captures DirectX and OpenGL video data.

Dxtory software for game recording – settings for low to mid PCs tutorial

Video capturing[ edit ] Multiple audio sources on their own track[ edit ] Because audio sources are stored in their own tracks, it’s possible to adjust volumes individually after recording. Setting up raw capture Open Dxtory. Select Folders tab image of an folder. Add desired folders into the list using Add folder icon and make sure folders are at different physical drives.

Technical details

Start the Dxtory and go to second tab , the Overlay Settings. Here you can check the colors of your FPS in game in idle and while recording.

WATCH VIDEO: Download Dxtory for Windows – gpnpqd.me

Dxtory is a movie capture tool that has been specifically designed for DirextX/ OpenGL applications. It captures DirectX and OpenGL video data. Dxtory free download. Get the latest version now. Dxtory is a movie capture tool only for DirextX/OpenGL application. Dxtory complete changelog / release notes / version.

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