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If Avast is using CPU even in idle position then follow these steps. Avast antivirus is a resource demanding tool. Avast service performs different operations i.
avast antivirus installer high disk usage
avast antivirus installer high disk usage

avast! Using 100% Disk Space!

If Avast is using CPU even in idle position then follow these steps. Avast antivirus is a resource demanding tool. Avast service performs different operations i. No doubt, these process are very useful but sometimes they become so annoying that you will try disable avast.

Avast service high CPU usage problem is one of them which compels users to uninstall avast. When you run task manager you will see avastsvc. It mainly acts as real time scanner and help users to free space covered by the background running apps. So it is best for you to simply uninstall Avast cleanup. To do that Double click on Avast to open it.

Navigate to Settings and click the Components tab. Now click the downward facing arrow next to the component tab. Here you will see options to remove Avast Cleanup in this example , click uninstall component, and then click OK to confirm the un-installation of the component.

In case you doubt Avast behavior shield memory usage then you can repeat the same process to remove behavior shield. If this fixes the problem of avast service high CPU, then you can try turning it on again but this time CPU usage should remain unchanged.

So if you change scan frequency the CPU load will decrease. Run Command Prompt as Admin. It will take you to the following folder where you will be able to execute further actions Open the avast5. Solution -3 Update Avast Latest Version Most of the time its the old antivirus version that causes problems, so it important for you to fully update both antivirus and virus definitions.

You can easily update Avast antivirus, follow these steps; Double click on Avast to open it or click on its icon at the system try. Click on Menu from the drop down list click on Settings. Click on General tab and then click on update tab.

Two update buttons are there, one of these buttons is related to the update of the virus definitions database and the other one is related to updating the program itself. Update both the database and the program. During this process be patient as Avast checks for updates online then follow the on-screen instructions. When this screensaver scanning continues in the background it causes high CPU usage.

To solve this issue; Right-click on random file on your PC and choose to scan the file with Avast in the context menu.

A scan result window should pop up and you will be able to see a list of scans which are currently running. After you done repair you will need to readjust settings. Before you apply this method make sure that you are logged in as administrator. Alternatively, if you are using Windows 10 then click on the gear icon in order to open settings.

Once Control Panel opens, select its View as Category at the top right corner and click on Uninstall a Program under the Programs section. If you are using the Settings app, click on Apps and it will open a list of all installed programs on your PC. The uninstall wizard will open with two options: Repair and Remove. Select Repair and click Next in order to fix the installation of the program. Now confirm the process. In this way Avast will be restarted with the default settings which worked before the error started to occur.

Click Finish when the uninstalled completes the process and restart your PC Now see whether avast service high CPU usage issue resolved.

Why is Avast Using So Much CPU Disk?

Hi, as for now a week avast have been at each start of my computer using an abnormally highly my hard drive for an extended period of time(about 2 Avast Antivirus is the most popular antivirus software in the world. a plethora for other issues and bugs, I have found that avast! is using % of my disk space. Seems excessive when not running a scan. Does Avast using too much CPU memory of your PC and you want clean solution to Related: How to Disable (Turn Off, Stop) Avast Antivirus Completely and then click OK to confirm the un-installation of the component.

Fix: Avast Service High CPU Usage Issue 2019

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How To Fix Avast Service High CPU Usage or Disk Usage Issue

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WATCH VIDEO: SOLVED:Avast keeping one of my drives always at % activity

These processes are quite useful but they may become annoying after you discover that your antivirus tool is consuming almost all of your CPU. Hello, I have a problem with Avast Free Antivirus running on Windows Some others have reported high CPU activity in recent versions, . 8 Gig Ram, AvastFree xxxx, How to Successfully Install Avast. % Disk Usage with Fresh Install of Avast. I see no recent complaints of high disk usage with Avast (going back (Free/Pro/IS/Premier).

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